Jamaican Me Happy

Today was Thursday & it was off to a great start! Everything was timely, from my wake-up time to the buses being prompt to the shuttle following it by 30 seconds. I even had some bites of breakfast, a first for the week. The day was somewhat bland due to my ERDAS  crashing more than 5 times 😡 But it’s okay, I saw a cool fat pigeon outside of the Arizona Memorial today who was fat & fluffy.


Isa’s parents picked us up from work, followed by a Walmart trip and some in-car sing alongs. Singing, arm dancing, sassafrass – a great gig. I also bought 18 eggs & a hella huge tub of butter, we’re talking 45 oz, so I feel like a proud white clown.

Jamaican food was my drug tonight, we went to this tiny place called the Jawaiian Irie Jerk Restaurant, which had fantastic everything. We had family style, as per usual when with Doug & Runj, including but not limited to: jerk wings, jerk chicken, goat & cheese curry, brown stew, festivals & johnny cakes. Such tasty food, & such a small place! It was fun to do dinner with Doug, Runj, Melanie and Isa’s family, it lasted for over 2 1/2 hours and was a great night out.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth I think you should get that pigeon and keep him for a pet. You could name him piggy because he’s so fat have a good day Julie and the kids are coming tomorrow can’t wait love grandma


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