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University day again, can I get a ‘hump daaaay’? I’ve never felt more like an intern than today, which consisted of a lot of basic data sorting/logging for the King Tides data set. At least we’re being helpful. Isa & I got to see not only Melanie, who was gone all weekend, but also Jin-Si at lunch today. Those 2 lucky ducks got hooked up with a ‘working’ weekend in Kauai, where they did beautiful fabulous nature-y things in a snazzy red convertible camaro. Nice gig, eh? Anyways, catching up at lunch was fun, plus I met up with Jin-Si again after work at Banan for a jammin’ guava concoction (or something like that). Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed because I not only asked for puffed quinoa, which is so random I love it, and didn’t get it, but they also gave me coconut with it, which is a flavor & texture I just don’t appreciate. Besides that excruciating detail though it was good, I just regret not having gone with the chocolate mac smoothie. Oh woe is me.


Once I got home I was too done to leave again, so I settled in chatting with pals (shoutout to Tori, Melissa & Jack!) which was really nice. I ended up talking to Jack about firstly, what a cool cat he is, & secondly some good simple recipes I’d recommend, which got me in a pinterest kick. The night, therefore, ended up with some delicious sesame soba, eggplant tempura and peanut butter mochi.

That, plus more Buffy marathoning makes me a happy sloth creature. It may not be on the water, but I will happily argue you that I am indeed in Hawai’i & surfing, whether it’s on the ocean or the couch.


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  1. Julie says:

    Howdy Elizabeth! Looks like you are having a fabulous time! Am here visiting with my peeps! Hope you continue to enjoy Hawaii and have a blast in Japan and New Zealand! I am soooooooo jealous – heehee Deanna 🙂


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth so sorry to hear you have to work so hard in Hawaii with all the pictures of food are you sure you might want to go to culinary school love grandma


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