Gotta Cache ‘Em All!

Waiting for the sun? Why do that when you can just beat it up? Early morning Tuesday, yayyy. Not. Today was pretty fun though, so I can’t really complain. From 9-12 there was a kiddie camp with loads of 5th(?) graders coming through. They were cycling through 3 different stations at the IRC, one of which my fellow interns & I were stationed at. We were helping to run a geocaching activity, which is a snazzy thing you can do involving GPS coordinates & treasure hunting. People do it on hikes & more recently, in Pokemon Go! Gretchen even mentioned that in the exercise, which got more excitement from NOAA employees (read: Ross) than anyone else. Seriously, they were hitting up the poke center where we were, discussing it amongst themselves & explaining it to each other. Adorable.

There were 3 groups of kids, the first & last groups being rather well-behaved while the middle group was a rowdy bunch of clowns. I was monitoring them fools left & right, running around, falling over crap & defying the whole point of the activity. Children, oh children. We did get some photos though, both of the kids hunting & of us (science is cool squad, see shirts).

So, fun in the sun, a looong GIS meeting afterwards and chill time at home following. This meant more baking, which was an experiment in brownie making. I’ve been dying to make orange-chocolate brownies, but I ended up with a straight-orange brownie recipe. It’s okay though, I infused chocolate chips so it was still a dream come true. I was again limited by no baking powder & baking soda, but I managed to find a great recipe anyways. It finished with a sugary orange glaze, which settled in a thin crust-ish topping & adds a lightly crunchy texture. Try it out if you have the time!



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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth poppy says your turning into Betty Crocker . Just think how much fun Julie has with 3and 4 year olds your lucky the kids were 5th graders love grandma


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