This Girl Is Bananas . . .

🍌 🍌 🍌 B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 🍌 🍌 🍌

Sorry, had to go there. But while we’re all there, let it be known that I’m down for a little Gwen tonight & am currently having a sweet escape with some Buffy & fruity rose bubble tea. Jam with me now!

Ahem (throat clearing ensues). So today was rather quiet; went to work early, say a 7:30 work day start & a 5:30 real day start, where I proceeded to murder my eyes with ~5 hours straight of CCAP. So ya know, CCAP = adult coloring book, except you’re identifying land cover types on the remote Marshall Island of Rota if your name is Liz (luckily for most of you, it’s not!). As smashing as that was I did have to take a food break, which I did happily. Everyone congregated at the table as usual, only this time I was stocked up with some rando’s up-for-grabs Dutch apple pie in the kitchen. Can I get a what-what? Double bonus, Paulo is having a fantastic fruit season at his house growing limes. He even made the crust himself with lemon zest baked into it, so for sure that baby was sublime. Get it? Limes? You can laugh at my pun now (see above^).  On top of the pie I baked cookies for Isa’s family yesterday & had 5 billion, or maybe just 10, I mean whatever, they’re just numbers, leftover. To cut myself short, the office was loaded up on goodies today & it rocked.

Other fun form the office: Ross is enthralled with the idea of Pokemon Go and wants to go on a hike with us interns to see what pokemon you can snag out on trails. He was even nice & said we could all try being pokemon masters on his phone (for those of us without the software *sobs*P. He did, however, also say that he would gladly get us lost in favor of going off-trail to catch a pikachu. A pikachu, of all pokemon. Really Ross? Other piece of fun is the fact that Doug has been swapping out framed pictures of Mike Pi’s kids with himself. With pictures that he took of himself mimicking their poses in an empty meeting room. I saw them today & they’re pretty impressive. I just gotta say, damn my boss is da bomb.

Isa’s parents grabbed us from work & cut our commute down by more than half, praise them. We all went to Don Quixote for some pantry-stocking, yahoo! I was finally done first for once, so I felt accomplished – usually Isa has already settled down outside by the time I’ve even hit the lines. It’s what happens when I’m let loose in a Japanese grocery store. After that we went our separate ways & I spent another ~3 hours cooking. My products: brown-sugar glazed Okinawan sweet potatoes (they’re purple!!!!!!!!), garlic-sautéed kale, rosemary chicken, goat cheese & tomato salad & my fruity rose bubble tea. Plus dinner, which was rice, kale, eggs & chicken :p

I didn’t really have any noteworthy pictures to show from the day, so I took a banamfin’ selfie. Hence the header. Here’s a nicer handful of pictures of the scene from my apartment right now.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth this the third time I’m trying to reply my screen keeps going blank like your banana neck piece with all that sugar your office is like a bunch of hyper kids love grandma


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