Meet The Mirandas

I met Isa’s family today!! She left super early to get them from the airport, which left me a lot of time to chill at home. Soooo, I ended up cleaning so it looked like we had a snazzy place (take pride in wherever you live!) & took apartment pics for y’all, finally. Basically, the front door is next to the mirror besides the fridge. When you walk in, you face the bathroom, then our bedroom is to the right while the kitchen/living room is to the left. Here she is:

Also due to having copious free time, I decided to bake cookies for her family; well, most of them – Isa’s sister Ellen is vegan & I couldn’t manage that on our limited pantry. Speaking of limited ingredients, we have no baking powder or soda, which is a pain in the butt for baking. A bit of cursing & internet searching later, I found this recipe which came out pretty well! I used half the recommended chocolate chips & they were still good, the batter was tasty on its own & the consistency comes out kind of cake-like, which is different but good. Then they got there, picked up Isa’s stuff (as she’s moving in with them while they’re here) & peaced out. It was a brief intro but they were super fun!

I ended up meeting them all at Kaimanas an hour or so later, equipped with freshly baked cookies & chips & jam, which were much appreciated – score. I swam out a bit far, where I got acquainted with Ellen & Isa’s mom, then just Ellen one-on-one. That ended once I saw some Japanese wedding action happening on the beach. Dang I swam in fast for that stuff, and it was hella worth it! Three, at once! Well, one started just to the right of us, then one further down to the right, then a third to our left! But 2 were directly in front of us!!! The couples were great too, one gave us the shaka & the other’s photographer kept smile-laughing at my enthusiastic picture taking. Below is a mix of all three photoshoots, with the couple in the featured photo being my fave.

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Afterwards we walked back to Isa’s parent’s condo, which is pretty nice & has a lovely kitchen. It was cool to see what they got/where Isa will be staying while I’m a solo lady – she’s set up yo. From there we all headed to Pho Old Saigon for dinner, where I ordered egg noodle pho with pork & shrimp. Somehow that translated to rice noodles in the kitchen, but it was still bombin’ so who cares! Food was fabulous, company was awesome (seriously loving Isa’s family) & now I have delicious leftovers for lunch. Huzzah for a low-key weekend with awesome people.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth nice apartment I want to come and visit your going to be lonely for a while I like the wedding picture you’ll have to make and album of all of them love grandma


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