The Magic of Miyazaki

Today was lazily glorious; blessed be this fine Saturday. I awoke on the couch, which I’d passed out on last night & which was cleared of all my crap (purse, laptop, etcetera) – thanks Isa! We rushed off to the farmer’s market with a combined total of $8 in pocket, and keep in mind that this is a place of mostly cash only. Downside: we were limited in our purchasing ability. Upside: we kept our spending super in-check! I got bok choy, an avocado, kale & a huge bag of seaweed, as well as a tiny mandoo, this Korean dumpling that’s comparable to a pierogi. It had pork and cabbage and was a nice little treat, plus I got to sip some of Isa’s acai smoothie.

Once we got back from the market we chilled for a little bit before heading off to the Honolulu Museum of Art, where we had 1 1/2 hours to browse around. What ended up happening was that we looked at some exhibits for the first hour before we wandered into the gift shop with the intention of finding the sick-sounding Hiroshige’s City exhibit, yet we ended up staying there until closing time. Alas, a reason to visit another day. I ended up buying a bulk past of wood block post cards & a beautiful little journal with a wood block print cover. C’est la vie.

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After our stroll around half of the museum we made it over to the Miyazaki Film Festival at the Hawaiian Theatre, which had a handful of vendors, 4 films over the course of the weekend & some food. I ended up with a few wooden coasters, some cute stickers & a handful of presents for my peeps back home 😉

We finished browsing around at 5:30ish, since it was a pretty small selling venue, so we called Doug for his restaurant input then headed over to this Lebanese-Moroccan place Kan Zaman. When we strolled in we sat at what was apparently a reserved table, so it was a fun process being politely told that we were asshats who should’ve called ahead. Luckily for us a nice waiter dude swept in and took us out back to the patio, which was nicer & cuter, to eat at instead. Isa ended up with a falafel dinner while I ended up with beef shawarma that was *to die for*. I also had an iced Moroccan mint tea, which came with actual mint leaves that I nommed on happily. Dessert was baklava, which was just as amazing as everything else & super satisfying. In the end we got this orange blossom water to clean our hands/arms/hair/whatever too, which was really nifty. Gosh, our waiter didn’t even charge me for my tea (it was $4!), & he was cute & had a spiffy purple tie, so that place totally hit my need-to-go-back list.

We still had an hour ’til the movie once dinner ended, so we hit up this super discount store called Ross and had a dressing room spree of fun. God we were such losers in the store, hopping around in matching tied-together shoes, waddling under the weight of all our stuff to try on and swirling around in general. It was fun though, especially after no clothes shopping in a while. We left just as they closed at 8, which was perfect timing for the festival’s showing of Spirited Away. It was packed in the theatre, and had a cute little song before the movie came on. It was a lovely low-key ending to the night, and I’m super stoked that we went.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth. I hit the lotto got two blogs in one day glad you got a good nights rest love all the pictures the dresses were really cool love grandma


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