Fireworks Fly, & So Does Time

Hey y’all, fret not for I’m alive & well. I absolutely conked out yesterday once I got home, so I slacked a little on the blog. It’s just because I haven’t been able to catch some z’s for no good reason. It was a good day, we had to run to UH Manoa to grab Isa’s charger (she’d left it there), so we took a strange direct shuttle there instead of the bus. It was all Isa’s idea, it was a crazy coincidence & the guy had a skull-bedazzled mirror! Strange yet effective, we did get to uni in time. Plus, afterwards we grabbed some more Banan! I got the Stairway to Heaven, which was the green blend (mint, spirulina, kale, etcetera) with papaya, banana, pineapple, puffed quinoa & honey – yuuuuum!


Afterwards we went to the beach with Morgan for an evening of chilling and fireworks. I even got to see another Japanese wedding shoot upclose, with a photo album that will follow shortly. The groom was in shorts & looked a damn fool, but it was still cute. The bride also had super pumps on, those people were crazy man.

(photoshoot of JW)

Fireworks came at 8, and although it was a mini-display it was still rad! A nice, calm-for-once way to end the work week and a smooth transition into the weekend.


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