My Man Maurice

Exhaustion hath overcome me. 4 hours of sleep + a long day at work ≠ a happy Liz. Oh lawdy was it nice to leave today, I was simply too tired to carry on. I actually slept on the bus(es) for once, I was that wiped. Once we got home it was nice to just sit & relax for a bit, as in really nice. Around 6:30 we headed out to Waikiki Beach to have dinner there as we watched the sunset. We walked it, which was visually interesting but too crowded & annoying so we plopped down on some empty beach. There I had my first PB&J, and paired with my cruising around in a convertible yesterday I can say for sure that I’ve never felt more like I’m living a teenage dream. Way too crowded & small but there was a nice sunset, & it was grand just going to the beach for a meal.

One weird factor was a local called Dominique, an interesting spud who sauntered over to us just as our night was coming to an end. He did compliment my hair & was non-aggressive, just gave me his number & said to feel free to hit him up. This was the nicest, least-pushy encounter I feel that I’ll ever have with a stranger, so thanks for that bro.

Soon after we actually got moving, or at least, we did until we saw some rad art. This little old man, Maurice, promised a snazzy charcoal sketch in ~25 minutes for $40. At first Isa, Madame Artiste, was the one to pull us aside to watch him but I ended up keeping us there until he was done; it was so fascinating to watch. Although it was a more idealized version of his subject the piece was indeed fantastic, and I won’t lie, I am considering getting something done of myself. It was also a cool setup because he had some of his work off to the side & one of his pieces was the Afghan Girl from the 1985 Time Magazine cover, and it was damn near close to perfect. Take a look for yourself.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth be very careful of anyone you don’t know you have made enought friends at work you don’t need ant weirdos hitting on you love grandma


  2. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth all most 7pm where are you missed reading your post this morning love grandma


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