Cool Cats & Convertibles

Work was all about King Tides today, so off to UH Manoa I went. It was a pretty mellow day, a lot of data uploading and such. What was fun was that we got to design a ‘thank you’ collage flyer for those who participated in the king tides survey this weekend, so I got to watch Isa being a design wiz while I helpfully (ha) gave input on her work. It was a bit different from our normal stuff, which was nice for sure.

Upon finishing the work day we had intended on going for a short hike with Morgan, Austin & Jin-Si, however we couldn’t find the trail thanks to vague instructions and ended up running out of gas anyways. On the bright side, once we turned around at the top it was convertible time, so we let down Morgan’s hood and went free as a bird. Propped in the back seat, music jammin’ hardcore as we bellowed along to it and surrounded by beautiful scenery it felt so good and carefree – never in my life have I felt more like a teenager. I swear, it was a scene out of a movie. I’ll upload some pics once Isa shares them with me 😉

Bad news was, as soon as we hit the bottom gas was out and we had to walk for a gas station. A bit of a bummer, seeing as we also had to buy a gallon of water to hold the gas & chugged a fair amount of said water to justify having spent $3 on it. In the meantime everyone enjoyed some frozen treat, mine being a lilikoi ice pop that was pretty good. After getting back to the car & getting most of the gas in we managed to haul butt back to the station & fill up properly, hallelujah. After that ordeal has run its course we headed to heaven.

Banan, as it’s called, is a lovely hipster place where ice cream is made from bananas, not dairy, which is something I do at home & love to death. They have magical creations as well as straight smoothies, & because I wanted the nifty mason jar pictured in the post (as well as the $1 discount on smoothies that follows for every purchase after) I went for a Chocolate Mac smoothie, composed of macnella and banana. Soooo good, I’m definitely excited to go back and make my rounds through all the flavors. I even got to enjoy it in a strange little room with a fake grass floor, which was very nice yet felt uber NoHo, something I simultaneously could yet don’t expect out here.

Once all of our group excitement died down Isa & I headed home . . . or did we? Well, we headed to KFC first to live out our fast food dreams (read: Isa craving popcorn chicken) and were most certainly satisfied. There was even a small stand/table going on outside selling fresh fruits, parfait bowl, fruit salads & sticky rice, & because it was closing I got sweet potato & taro sticky rice for $2, which is $1 less than normal. Score. A pretty long but fun day, despite unforseen challenges.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth looks like you had a good day out of the office I guess you were Thelma & Louise , just don,t ride off any cliffs love grandma


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