Happy Fourth!

Happy fourth y’all! We finally had a lazy start today, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American version) brightened, or more like dimmed, our morning. Once that was over we headed on down to Kaimanas to meet up with Runj, Doug, Melanie & more for our patriotic celebrations. A lot of swimming, some reading, and a fun game Jin-Si brought rounded out the day. Doug made an American pie of sorts, angelfood cake with strawberries & blueberries, & I have been absolutely craving strawberries so it was my favorite thing of the day. There were also summer rolls with shrimp, another thing that I’ve been craving, so A+ to all those who gave me food today.

The fireworks were gorgeous tonight, there was even a smiley face one that I’ve never seen before! Very snazzy, a great holiday in Hawaii indeed. I was sitting in the water taking these pictures, so it was definitely an experience I’ve never had before. Enjoy the view!

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This was followed by games & pizza at Doug with Runj, Melanie, Griff & Cindy, a very mellow end to a packed weekend. We heard all about Doug’s various hot sauces, learned of his classy, imported-from-Kansas-City BBQ sauces and his fondness of pottery. At the end of this fantastic weekend it’ll be hard to go to work, but I think I can say I’m pretty satisfied with all the neat-o stuff I had packed into this weekend.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth glad you had great 4th nice pictures of the fireworks nice to see you only had a bottle os salsa in your hand look good in that 2 piece swimsuit love grandma


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