Obon, Oh Boy

Yet another day at Camp Doug, headed off to a trail at 9 AM. Koko Head Trail, also known as stairs from hell for someone who doesn’t exercise, was the point of interest and dang was it interesting. An old rail was laid across the mountain going up and down, so the stairs you’re climbing are these huge wooden planks with great spaces between them, keeping things challenging. Everyone was super friendly, and the trip to the top may have been murderous but it was beyond worth it. Isa has more awesome pics that I hope to load in later, but for now I have a mix of the mountain, my face and the trail itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most noteworthy was Doug’s new friend near the end of the trail, a South Korean man in the navy and here for RIMPAC. Doug gave him some water out of his hamster-style water water bladder and did so grabbing the guy’s shoulder, smirking all the while and comparing his situation to that of one breast-feeding. Don’t worry, Isa & I went through it too. Ugh, why Doug, why.

We headed to Kona’s Brewing Company for lunch, which was right on some water & had a refreshing breeze. Pele’s Throne Ahi Salad, which had sesame-covered ahi, avocado and daikon sprouts, amongst other things. The food was delicious and followed by Bubbie’s for dessert, where I got sakura, green tea, lilikoi and lychee mochi ice cream. Danielle doesn’t like sakura things but this was okay – I guess we’ll see in Japan.

bon festival was what went down tonight, full of food trucks & dancing. It was the annual Moiliili Summer Fest, which has the largest bon odori in Oahu, if not Hawaii (so cool!). We all tried to join in on the dancing, which was pretty simple but still really different and entertaining.

I can now officially say I have experience with a Japanese festival, however limited & Hawaiian it may be! They also had a few tents educating people about Tanabata, and there was a Tanabata wishing tree, so we all wrote wishes on tanzaku and put them on the tree.


Cap off the night with matcha cake, cupcakes & some of Doug’s matcha icee and I’d say it was a grand old time.


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth the slide show was great old pepole like poppy and me would never make it good thing your in good shape love grandma


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