Horsing Around

After much begging and pleading scattered throughout our stay here we’ve finally made it to the North Shore. Who knew that all it took was a polo match? T’was an early start indeed, at least it felt like it after a long day yesterday. First stop was Sharks Cove, where Doug, Runj & Melanie went diving while Isa & I stayed on the beach/took a walk. We would’ve snorkeled, but the weather was in flux and with the rain we didn’t want to leave our stuff on the beach. Another day calls for snorkeling then.

Once we rounded everyone up we met up with Ross, Andrew & plenty of other folks at the Mokuleia polo field for a match and tailgating and beach fun. I can say I experienced my first try at bocce, a game at which I do not suck but am also okay with not playing all that often. Despite a 3-person team of me, Isa & Ross we still lost to Morgan & Jin-Si; I sense a rematch in the future.

I also met Marie, an absolutely lovely friend of Andrew’s who is from Kyushu (although raised in the US), speaks Japanese aaand just so happens to live in our building! She’s only frickin’ 14 floors above us, how freakin’ cool!! She not only is cool af, she also has a cat, gave us twizzlers & sausage, or ‘swizzlers’ together, she watches anime & she recognized/liked my Great Wave of Republic City shirt! Cannot wait to hook up with her (& Andrew) at some point for a fun meal!

We also explored the beach a tiny bit, which was small but gorgeous indeed. There were a bunch of itty-bitty trees growing, which was cool, and the were protected as well. To the left is a line of these beauties, while the right captures a highlight of their extreme, shell-surrounded conditions. This is something I’ll be googling about Hawaii. Anyways, the games started about a 1/2-1 hour before we got there and they were impressive, terrifying and soo0 not my style due to fear. Props to those dudes for making it.

Post-games, lunch, bocce & everything else it got exciting, round 2. Isa, Morgan, Jin-Si & I were sitting around one side of a tree while Doug & everyone else were on the opposite side. Eventually Ross joined us and we ended up playing Never-Have-I-Ever and 2 Truths & A Lie, which got pretty out there pretty quick. Let’s just say it was a fun sunset on the beach, especially since Ross brought me my own bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, praise his soul. Very fun, very intense evening for sure.

After everyone packed up like crazy people (sooo much stuff in the car, no one knows how) we headed to Siam Palace, throwback to 2 weekends ago. We were a bit hyped up on life & booze, so things were done & said of great entertainment. People may have been dubbed asshats, but who knows? It was a fantastic time, fantastic night & I hope it’s on repeat for tomorrow.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth looks like you had a good time with your friends. We have bocci courts where we live, how do you play in the sand? Be careful about the sharks in the water ! Ease up on the wine!! Love grandma


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