Freaks in the Field

Leveling was what was up today! We basically did measurements with this snazzy laser that read our very specific meter set-up, measured in 10-20 meter increments. Some fun in the some, a lot of great intern bonding, and a huge dump of photos came out of it! First off, check out exhibit a: me trying so fricking hard to get Isa to take a picture with me, & exhibit b: Isa & I, American Gothic-style at Ross’ request.

The rest is a fun assortment of pictures taken by everyone as we played pass-the-camera. The gallery header showcases all of our lovely smiles due to Ed (awesome old guy with the beard & totally our self-appointed grandpa) saying “sex” to get us all to laugh – such a great guy. So for everyone’s knowledge, I’ve listed the stunning photo stars below.

NOAA Peeps:
Ed – cool old guy who works with geodesy, in a neon yellow shirt
Doug – bossman, singer extraordinaire, and a pretty nice guy in a neon yellow shirt & backwards cap (hollaback 2000s)
Ross – GIS amigo with endless knowledge of anything/everything, in a red shirt (also took his sweet time figuring out the laser, so hello to our late day)

Morgan – girl with a lizard tongue & slammin’ dance moves, in tie-dye tee
Austin – ginger with a great hat & a sense of humor, in a maroon shirt
Jason – Hawaiian local sporting the turtle look, in a blue shirt
Isa – you should know her by now, c’mon

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went to Kin Wah for lunch, which supposedly has the best Chinese food on the island and it was pretty good to me. I tried char siu pork Post-lunch, which was already late & didn’t start until 1:30/2, Doug & I headed to Starbucks with Kim to discuss my project. I was super tired headed over, seeing as it was already 3 at this point, I’d been in the field since 8:30 and everyone else went home. I ended up getting a frappe for free & the data necessary for my main project this summer, so while I may have been exhausted I did get shit done. It’s Aloha Friday!

After work and some cleaning up from the field we headed out for the night, woot woot. Bar 35 was the place of the day, where some of the other interns ended up. The bar felt like some urban NY bar with pretty string lights up across the ceiling, a live band going (a bit too loud but going nonetheless) and sooo many drink options good lawdy. I’m not saying there was a round of tequila shots, a Just In Case We Run Out Of Luck with chile tequila & some other choice selections, but our night may have gotten a bit wild. Isa got hung up on explaining the importance & suave-ness of bachata to Ross & Austin, but it was more amusing than explanatory since the 2 clowns were so stubbornly against it, due to their limited white-boy abilities. It’s okay, everyone made up enough for a picture. And if you’re wondering how to be as stylish as me look no further than Doug’s closet; he got this beauty from American Samoa, it’s for a feral pig hunt or something? Either way I looked awesome, aaaand Doug, Runj & I were all wearing orange so we got a picture together! To be uploaded when Runj sends it over 🙂

Ethiopian Love was dinner, finally, at 9:30 just before they closed (yes, we were the asshats who stayed an hour past closing) and it was sooo good. We got such good food!


We ended with Aloha Friday and Fika Mai Le Pese sing-along in the car, I frickin’ loved tonight ❤

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth I see all your pictures you posted today but nothing you posted yet I ss you must have gotten a hair cut looks cute can I get a job like you have it’s looks like your have a blast. I could lie I went to college love grandma


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