Stay Safe, Kids

Day 2 of 2 in the office this week and a strange one at that. It got off to a half-assed start when the bus broke down and we had to add 20 minutes to our commute. That made me more than a little tired after my already-stupendous struggle to rise up from bed this morning. I don’t know, the first half of the day was just a sleepy blur of fuzzy screens & Isa and I cracking up too much to do anything.

Some group in the office was having a bake sale and wo-o-oah I was in love. It started when Elisa came around and gave me & Isa a brownie each because she’s a goddess. Then she said where she got them from, the bake sale being just around the corner in a conference room, & I was doomed. I went into the room with $5 and left with nothing, they just had such good options. Everything was just a dollar, I mean what more could you ask for? I got 2 strawberry mochi rhubarb, 4 biko and a strawberry cupcake with pineapple cream cheese frosting. Mhmmm, and that was just the first trip.


Afterwards, courtesy of the generosity of others in the office and the group putting what they didn’t sell in the kitchen at the end of the day, I came home with an extra cookie, 4 more biko, a chocolate cupcake & 3 mangos. Oh yeah, and Jason, a local intern with what sounds like the Garden of Eden as his yard, brought in mountain apples that ended up coming home with us too. Righteous.

There was a staff meeting today, so guess who got to feel official? Yeah, not me, not so much. When Isa & I walked in a step behind everyone else due to a water/bathroom run we were faced with impromptu introductions to NOAA people overseas & over the phone. Only thing was I didn’t quite know that, so I ended up sounding like a dunce cap with my flustered “Hi, I’m Liz” to the open air. More awkwardness ensued but only for a short while, so it was chill. Whatever, I got chocolate cake out of it & a taste of fancy fed life.

Now there isn’t much to speak about for the night, seeing as we just stopped off to pick up some post cards & sake before heading home to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s still going on, but I really like it thus far. Anyways, last point of the day worth mentioning was Ross finding & bequeathing me & Morgan (if only momentarily) some hot neon hats for safe work tomorrow. We’ll be leveling in He’eia & making our way across the road to do it, so neon days it is. Just wait for the cool look I’ll be sporting tomorrow in this nice bright gear.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth are you looking forward to the 4th of July. Those goodies sure looked good but be careful they can put on pounds ! Your lucky you have a fun office love grandma


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