Tuning It Out

UH Manoa today for work with the King Tides initiative, which has an event this weekend (remember, they’re bi-annual crazy high tides) so hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of pictures on the app after the 4th of July. We were pretty motivated through the day until it got to lunchtime, which was ~15-20 minutes there instead of our usual 1-hour stunt at the office where we chill with Ross, the other interns, play bananagrams or some mix of the 3. Naturally it was a little disheartening to be so work-focused, so we entertained ourselves with some old tunes including Backstreet Boys & Britney Spears jams. Good stuff. I also made onigiri for today, so check it.


Isa & I went to the beach after work and ended up staying until almost 9 o’clock. It was rather quiet, which was nice, and we had most of the stretch to ourselves. Man do I love living by the ocean,

Also saw 2 Japanese weddings there and 1 on the way, back in the groove of my wedding sightseeing. I know the second one is harder to see, but come on, there’s only so much creeping I can do people.

Tonight was lazy so no movies, nothing crazy, heck not even fancy dinner. It’s okay, Special K actually has bombin’ strawberry cereal so I was satisfied. Now sleep, praise.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth. I have a good way for you to make extra money. Have cards made and give them to the new brides tell them you take cheep pictures love grandma


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