Up To My Knees In Trees

Sunday, sweet sweet Sunday. A day to relax at last. After waking up wiped from our hike/time in the sun yesterday, Isa & I took the morning for ourselves. I had a leisurely time making crepes and web-surfing before we decided to go out. Here’s my wanna-be chef picture of it, plus a sneak-peak of my apartment (I’ll get around to putting them up sometime soon)!


The Foster Botanical Gardens were the highlight of the day. After a but of confusion finding the entrance we managed to get ourself in, and we did it for local price. The woman said we looked like it – score. First thing we saw: a Japanese couple taking wedding pics in the gardens. How classy. And helloooo creeper shot.


The gardens were so unique, they were so loosely structured such that you could just walk around freely, touching what you’d like and darting around from tree to tree. I’ve never been to a botanic garden like that, I loved it! So many trees it was grand, and there was this huge silvery tree that glowed in the light. They even had baobab trees, which Isa absolutely adored, so cute to watch. When I get pictures from her I’ll update with them, they’re great.

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Also check out Isa being a snazzy photographer. These were creep shots & she totally doesn’t know that I took them.

There was also this great little lizard in the greenhouse chillin’ on someone’s litter (ugh), a tea cup that he was just licking. What a great little guy.

Now the fun part was leaving the gardens; while the gardens closed at 4, we were told by both the woman who admitted us and the security guard that we just had to be out by 4:30. The time was 4:20 when we headed out, and guess what? The gate was freakin’ closed! We had to hop the fence & I felt like a hoodlum, but that was so on the garden people. Welcome to hooliganism Liz.

Chinatown was literally 1 block over, so we made our way over and checked it out. Beautiful Japanese shrine on the way, the Izumo Taishakyo shrine. I’ve never seen white torii before, so it was really nifty!

First time in Chinatown for real, wahoo! That is, in opposition to my faux-first visit as mentioned in Rockin’ Out To Rudd. Guess I couldn’t stay away for long. We were feeling like Chinese food, but everything here closes on Sunday. Is it for religion, for a day of rest, for a why-the-heck-not type of thing? Who knows. Whatever it is, we couldn’t find Chinese food. What we did find was a cool little store where I got Thai tea & introduced it to Isa, promptly followed by us finding a 1 lb bag of Thai tea & tapioca pearls to make some ourselves. Voila the magic of trying things!

Once we got home we had to get some thick straws for bubble tea, so we made a quick run to Tea Boss to borrow some. Phase 2 of hooliganism. Fun thing was that when we came home my amazon order of metal boba straws had just come in. Ahaha, looks like our run to Tea Boss was unnecessary, but oh well. Our bubble tea turned out really good! (Note to self: it needs 2 spoons of sugar & a fair bit of milk). We paired it with the Ghibli movie When Marnie Was There, which is definitely a thinker. We can’t figure out what the hell the social commentary is (seriously, so much pondering & snarky commentary over here) but it’s intriguing indeed.


Update: we finished the movie & it made oodles of sense, just have to wait ’til the end for it 😉 8/10 would recommend!


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth what a nice clean stove you have and the food looks good. Good thing you and your friend got out if that garden because at midnight you would turn into a flower ha ha. Love grandma


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