Pour One For Steve

I saw tidal pools today – and hiked to & swam in them!!! Doug picked us up today around noon for a long day at Makapu’u, where we were meeting Runj & Jeremy. Now Doug said it was an easy hike, but his easy and my easy are vastly different, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The trail started off pretty calmly, just a smooth paved road that twirled its way up the mountain. Boss man doesn’t disappoint, however, and we did hit a bit of rougher terrain after a turn-off. The path is absolutely untouched by park officials, at least in my opinion, and takes you down to the pools. It didn’t take too long and despite all the sharp rocks/no railing around us the trek was pretty tame.

What was at the end of the trail was the real stunner, yet another cluster of impossibly clear blue pools just calling to us. We hopped on in and everyone was treated to a hot view of my killer legs, ahem, their killer bruises, which are looking just great.


But anyways, the real attraction, the pools. It was like a little oasis of calm clear purity as the ocean crashed herself against the rocks. The spray would rise up sometimes as much 20 feet and either trail along like a geyser or wash into the pools, which would send a fun wave through the collection of water pockets. Very fun to bob along with or to watch people’s stuff bid adieu. There were also so many fish just hangin’ out happily, one of which kept swimming around me – I swear we were bros by the end of the day. He had green and brown stripes; he reminded me of a thin mint or an Andes or something.

We hung out there for probably 3 hours and I would love to go back. Soon-to-be-relevant side note: there was this shady pair of sunglasses that looked as though they were abandoned years ago, in Runj’s words “Mad Max style”. They gathered enough commentary from the group to be relevant, so you noticed they things looking like junk in a hunk and covered in sand and old-ness. Doug gave us a peek into his storytelling career, informing us that those shades had to belong to a guy named Steve. Just callin’ it, he could’ve written a book about it. However, when we went to leave the things were gone without a trace, Steve vanished and never to come back.

As we were leaving we had to dump out lingering beer from open cans, so it was a sad moment for the group. In his honor Doug declared that we should “pour one for Steve”, honoring the memory of this strange pair of sunglasses. Anyways, that’s your tidal story of the day, now enjoy some images of the climb and water.

We decided to treat ourselves and go to Maharani Cafe, a spectacular Indian place that had a dinner special. Let it be known that I live for food specials and this place totally earned brownie points tonight. We had a great meal, great time, & even better? Leftovers. Such a grand Saturday.



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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Morning Elizabeth ( my little party girl ). How great to have your own tour guide. The pictures great love grandma


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