Rockin’ Out To Rudd

It’s Aloha Friday! Everyone was out of the office yet again and finally so were we – out and off to Chinatown! Now while I would like to say that this was my first time in a Chinatown, the only thing we did there was go to Walmart. It’s pretty messed up, I know, but we had another agenda that will be detailed soon below. So despite being there I still have yet to actually explore this wondrous place I’ve only heard of but alas, that day wasn’t today. I did take some pictures though, the coolest being the Smith Street sign (represent) with Chinese characters above it.

Now for the real purpose of our Chinatown adventure. Stop one of the grand adventure was J.J. Dolan’s pizza place for booze & pizza, which I only realized in that moment how much I missed pizza. Isa & I got there a bit early, but we were still there for over 3 hours with Doug, Ross, fellow interns Morgan & Austin plus a bunch of other NOAA peeps. Pretty good pizza (especially in Hawaii) and I took a coaster for keeps, woot woot. That was just the build-up though.

Australia’s sexiest vegetarian man (fun fact courtesy of Isa) Xavier Rudd was playing at the Hawaii Theatre tonight and guess who had front row seats? Ha! Not this girl. Try the eighth row and you hit me. We were pretty dead-center and got to jam to the music of his American Samoan drummer before hearing the fantastic tunes of Xavier Rudd himself. Dang that guy was good – cool outfit, mellow vibes & fan-fricking-tastic energy all over the place from both him and the crowd tonight. Just a smashing time, the show didn’t let out ’til 11:30 and was great all the way to the end. Some new music is for-sure being added to my library as I type 🙂

People who would love this guy: Melissa & Cora

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    Sitting at the table ready to read your blog grandma


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