This lovely slogan is how my morning started. Riding along on the bus to look outside and see a handful of cops propping up those signs. Are the police bored? General public safety announcement? Is there a sudden spike in walking folks as target practice? No clue, but it was a nice morning sentiment.

Not much happened today, although Doug was finally in today after being sucked into the IRCS all week. It was nice to be able to review my work thus far and where it’s going, but it’s also a tad bit frustrating. I feel like I’m at a red light with my work while Doug feels I’m at a yellow at most, if not straight green. I’d just like to figure out how to bridge the gap, on either side, so I can keep busy & productive. In the meantime Isa & I are meeting a fancypants man about formal ‘adult coloring’ of terrain on 3 of the CNMI, so huzzah for other work.

A fun moment was in the shuttle to the bus at the end of the day; “Ophelia” by the Lumineers came on, and Isa & I turned to each other at the same time, same face, excited about the radio’s good taste. Simply one of those entertaining instances.

The day ended with a stock-up run to Don Quixote, where I got soooo many sale Japanese noodles (6-bundle packs of somenudon and soba for $2 each!!!) and a cheap-ass pineapple that smells way sweet. A long, mellow and good day in total.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth thank god it’s Friday you get the best pineapples there poppy eats about 3 a week have a fun weekend love grandma & poppy


  2. Franco says:

    CT could use some of those signs, or I could just use the button and wait for a lifetime to cross the street.
    I know neither of us have driving experience but if you’re at a red light just be patient and it will soon be green again!
    Enjoy the pineapple!


  3. Patricia nagy says:

    Sorry I missed your call I tried calling on my cell phone which is never on so if you see this number 1 772 380-8732 it’s me I will try again. I have to use up some of my phone time love grandma


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