I <3 GIS

Late wake-ups are the worst man, god I need to make sure I get enough sleep. I stayed up late uploading all these blog photos though, so it was okay for this once. We still got to work earlier than expected so no biggie. Today was pretty chill, I finished scanning Guam for fires and they had a grand total of 54 (if I remember correctly), to be checked & digitized by Isa as time moves forward. The fun stuff came after work, at 3 pm courtesy of Ross.

The HIGICC had a public board meeting today, which meant that after the meeting was done we got to head over to this classy af new restaurant Harbor Restaurant at Pier 38 for free apps. Oh lawdy did they have delicious and fancy stuffs, just check out their menu to see what I mean! We had brasa mushrooms with eggs, Spanish grilled octopus, Spanish style sashimi, roasted eggplant and mussels, as well as something else I can’t remember. I also had a lilikoi martini, which was good up ’til the end where all of the grossly sweet had accumulated.

The place was super pretty as you can see above, and the conversation was fun. Definitely something I would never casually do (for both my class levels & affordability) but hella nice when it was all free! We stayed there for over 2 hours, such a good time. Plus, much to Doug’s pleasure as expressed via a “that’s my girl!” text, Isa was double-fisting & is now truly representing as one of Doug’s interns. You go girl.



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