Bummin’ It At The Beach

My spices came today! I ordered a few spices (5, to be precise) from this online store called Season With Spice, which has bunches of interesting asian spices & is going out of business soon (so hit ’em up quick!). Here’s my order, I’ve been pining after these for so long that this was a serious highlight of the day.


I also finally got my matcha bubble tea with azuki, or red bean, which is quintessentially Japanese & this has been out of stock since we got here because there are so many toursits from Japan. Just another nice happening today. Even better is that after waiting for ages, our sunburns are finally healed and my foot has fixed itself so (disregarding my bruised-as-heck legs) Isa & I are completely fine!!! Which means . . . we went to the beach! Oh it was nice, we got there a bit before 7, just before sundown. I chilled on the sand with Out of Mao’s Shadow, this fascinating book that Doug lent me & that I so far recommend wholeheartedly, while Isa & Melanie (another grad intern at Sea Grant) took a dip. The water was so wonderfully warm, we’re headed back tomorrow!!

There were also some amateur fire twirlers chilling next to me at the beach, as you can see in the header pic. The sunset was gorgeous, so have a look at that below.


Fun fact: we were the only ones on the bus home for most of our traveling. Bet that’s never gonna happen again.

Isa always balks at being in pictures – too bad 😉


P.S. Pictures are finally synced up; if you want to start from where they went missing, click here!


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Finally got to see all the pictures there great keep them comming love grandma and poppy


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