Coral the Coral

No one was in the office today, except for the skeleton head left on Isa’s chair this morning. There were about 5 people in the cubicles but since we only really talk to Ross, I’m going with just 1 person. It was oddly quiet without the normal goofing around, which did not help with my drowsiness levels. However, I did catch Tom (total frat bro of a guy) going off about something along the lines of “why won’t you look at my butt?” to Paul, the more stoic military guy of the pair and who had a great response that I can’t remember. The joys of Mondays.

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On the bright side despite waking up late, because whoa was that hike/swim/craziness of Sunday quite a doozy, we were still in office before everyone else. Was it that much of a challenge? No, but I’ll still feel accomplished with myself. To counter that every time I tried to sit or stand took mad effort, as in sitting takes 30 seconds of slow-mo self-lowering, and standing involves me lifting myself using arm strength alone via the chair arms, after which I lean against the desk as I wait for my legs to be functioning. Super fun! The bruises look worse today but they are slightly less painful, so I’ll take it.



This week is the big International Coral Reef Symposium, which only happens once every 4 years, just so happens to be the year that I’m here & is the reason our office is a country western-style ghost town. They had a free event for the public tonight, so that was my evening. The regular conference, which is all week long from ~8-4, is $900, so haha & no thanks. The event was chill, definitely some interesting speakers but there was also some stuff of definite intrigue that I was glad to hear about. It was just a rapid-fire bunch of 4 snazzy speakers, each of whom had great success staying within the times limits – not.

Two take-aways came from this. Firstly, check out Coral the coral in the video I got to see, and if you’re looking for the good stuff skip to ~4 minutes in. The woman in the video is the woman who spoke to us, which is always a strange thing to me. The little chant by Coral was the winner of wtf-ness in that video, followed by the fact that the organization is titled O-Zone, and despite standing for Outrigger Zone that kinda sends a really bad message fir the little ‘uns. Secondly, this Australian group called The Ocean Agency developed this rad app that lets you see a 360 view of the ocean in areas where they’ve dived & uploaded the pics. Definitely check it out if you get the chance, it was pretty cool from what I could see on other people’s smartphones.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth just read your blog and loved the the coral song keep them comming hope your not hurting too much. Love grandma and poppy


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