Try Everything

I woke up this morning to udon & a papaya smoothie for breakfast. I’m getting used to this whole living-in-Hawaii thing right about now.

Today brought an impromptu trip to Maunawili Falls, which had trails as muddy as heck and was an absolute mess. My shoes are wrecked and need a trip to the beach hose, which will hopefully cure them of their muddy madness. It was gorgeous though, so much varied greenery and After about a 1 1/2 hour hike to the waterfall, we all stripped down to swim suits for the water. Pretty dang cold, but it was refreshing after the long walk.

I was daring today; the falls not only had a pool, but some cliff edges that were jumping hotspots. Was I terrified? Yes. Did I do it anyways? Also yes. The path to my first jump was easy peasy, a nice 10-footer that made my heart go faster but was pretty chill. Austin had to be a daring clown, however, and went off the highest jump first which was about 40 feet up. So naturally, after the rush of the first jump and a teensy bit of egging on, I had to play follow-the-leader & hike up 40 feet for myself. Getting up there was a bit of a challenge but the jump itself? Wild. Holy crap I don’t even remember going down, just jumping off the edge & hitting the bottom of the pool, literally the bottom.

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The backs of my thighs are wicked bruised now and burning. Ahhh, to just come off of a bad foot and crazy sunburn, finally able to move & function like a normal human, only to be thwarted again. Fate is cruel.

We grabbed these tasty Portuguese treats called malasadas at Leonard’s, although apparently they’re also sold out of a convenient food truck. I got lilikoi and dobash (passionfruit and chocolate) malasadas, which are made fresh so they came out steaming and covered in sugar. My spending habits are already scaring me, this is so not helping! I mean, my stomach’s happy but my wallet . . . eh, not so much.


The night ended with Zootopia even though Isa doubted me when I told her it was dang good. Ugh, I just love this movie so much, the characters and social commentary are A+. Isa loved it too, as I knew she would, which is always satisfying. Plus, a post title reference, eh, eh? (I’m good I know.) If you don’t get it, the post is titled after Shakira’s song for the movie 🙂

So today was full of hiking, swimming, jumping, eating and movie-watching; a pretty full-rounded day if I do say so myself. I may not be able to move that well but this weekend was worth it!


Update: Isa has taken it upon herself to play songs that fit the theme of my waterfall misfortune, including “Gravity” by John Mayer & “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. I gave her pointed looks to no avail.


JWC: 1/2 (we saw a picture advertising for a photographer, so . . ?)



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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Glad you had a great weekend be careful of jumping off high places we want you coming home in one piece. Budget your money you still have 8 weeks left!! Grandma & popy


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