Sea Asparagus Is Sick

Farmer’s markets rule!!! Whoa, I just freaking love them, Isa & I went today to load up on veggies and it was amazing!! Especially in Hawaii, all the stuff there was way cheaper and just so varied, I love all the produce and options here. Even better were the people, all the vendors were so great and friendly about explaining what everything was, the free samples (super boost of my opinion) and general awesomeness. The energy there was just fantastic, I have never been so excited to go buy vegetables before! They had this sea asparagus that was to die for, I got a little bento of it with soba, a sea asparagus + onion + tomato salad and some interesting type of fish(?) that I would love to eat again and again. Just so many great options, & they had huge avocados – I mean just look at this!


Some other things of interest were pickled okra, yummy taro chips, this drink that may or may not have been called a Hawaiian Faloozle (who knows) with Thai basil seeds, rose syrup and pistachio ice cream and some intense looking sushi concoction. You can’t tell so much here, but they were like fancy sushi pizza slices? That sounds contradictory, I know, but trust me when I say it was classy.


I also got lemongrass, which seems to be super rare back home but I can finally cook with it!! Also got some daikon, which I’ve only eaten pickled in dishes but am stoked to try flying solo with it. Another highlight: I got papaya salad for $1 because we went toward closing. Definitely the right accidental move, haha woops (or not). Check out the market, kind of.

After calming down from the rush of the market we headed up to Kaka’ako, where they have an art district due to the unique Pow! Wow! Hawaii collective that has a mad mural session once a year for artists both local and international. The works are scattered across a collection of city blocks, mapped out on google so you can go for a self-guided tour style thing. We couldn’t find the piece Isa absolutely loved while browsing online, but what we did see was pretty beautiful. Will post the photo gallery below (soon, trust me when I say I’m working on the picture thing).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marukame was our dinner, this udon place that Doug was raving about when we first got here & that I’ve been dying to try. Tonight was the night & we just beat the rush when we got there, so double score. Oh they were good, I got cold ontama bukkake udon with shrimp & sweet potato tempura and it is something I would love to get weekly. Super inspiration to make udon at home, if I can get all the ingredients together!


Finding Dory was the second-to-last stop of the day and it might have been better than Finding Nemo? I’m not making any statements, I stand by nothing but it was so cute, had Idris Elba (le swoon) as a seal and overall bamfin’ characters. 10/10 would recommend seeing it. It also had this really adorable short Piper featured pre-movie about this little bird, the whole thing was just so beautifully animated it earned it’s place in there. We went with Morgan and Austin (2 other NOAA interns in our office) and one of Austin’s friends. Very nice end to the Saturday despite it being an 8:45 showing – I’m morphing into an old lady who doesn’t want to go out after 8, so this was a big night out you see. It was worth it though, so these tired bones were okay with it.

The night ended with Ben & Jerry’s, holla, aka a 3-scoop mix of the almighty Phish Food and this new flavor Save Our Swirled, which came out last year but is new to me. Random fun fact, it’s a statement on climate change on top of being a delicious chocolate-y raspberry mess. Win and win.

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