Diving Into Maneki Nekos

It’s Aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday, do do doo do, do doo do do do do do do dooo!  Check it. Work-wise, it was an awesome day in which Isa & I figured out an effective system for mapping fires in Guam despite the files hating 2 people working on them at once. Take that fancy technology. Aaaand we got to take advantage of the half-priced food today, so we both got a meal for $3-$4 from the cafe at 2. Oh happy days! Side note, Doug saw office baby and said nothing to us. There is worry in the back of my mind.

Post-work was a bit of a shit-show, we ended up taking some fun stops on the bus that was stuffed tighter than a tin of sardines for half the ride. Wahoo to Honolulu traffic, really keeping things fun. But after work totally made up for it, sooo grand! Plus the bus was some fun bonding time with Morgan (the newest intern) which was nice.

So, how did I spend my first solo (aka not living with Doug) Friday night? Doug invited us to Siam Palace with Runj, Melanie & a bunch of his other cool friends for some bangin’ Thai food. Everyone passed plates around so you got to try a bit of everything, which was really neat. There was just a bunch of awesome food, so it was splendid to be able to sample all of it. I finally met Andrew, who totally reminds me of Alex (I swear he’s you in the future, so awesome & kind & outgoing & rad af bruh) and is the guy to go to if you’re feeling Japanese food – which, of course, I always am. All of these folks were just ‘pretty great guys’, to steal the words from Doug’s mouth, so many cool stories and personalities here! Sitting there just made me realize how this is exactly what I want, both now & in the future when I’m established in a new place – to be surrounded by great people & conversation, sharing food and palling around over such diverse stories while straight-up enjoying life. Honestly so admiring Doug’s life/lifestyle right now.

Even better is that the fun didn’t stop at Siam Palace. We went to a dive bar, the name of which I didn’t catch, but we got to see Doug’s friends play in their band for about an hour. Called the Maneki Nekos these guys were a fun band, definitely gave off great energy and easy to vibe to. The next band was not as hot, but it was still a nice scene for the night. One of the guitarists managed to play his guitar over his head for ~1 minute, then later with his tongue. I was simultaneously impressed & jeeved out at the latter.


I definitely am glad to have gone, uber appreciative of Doug’s constant offers to chill with him (& his buddies) and the awesome times we’ve had because of him. The day may have been looong but it was also fuuun!!! This weekend has a pretty active lineup, starting with an early rise for the local farmer’s market so to bed I must go. Expect another loaded day for tomorrow’s post 😉


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