Bad to the Bones

The scene is my apartment, 15th floor. Time: 5:30 am. No alarm goes off; I’ve already silenced two of them earlier in the morning. I shoot up out of bed by some power of the gods, realizing that yet again I’ve completely ignored my wake-up tunes. The call of the early morning is not for me. Why am I doing this? I wonder. There is no answer. I just stumble out of bed and start going.

Doug was out of the office today, but guess who wasn’t? That’s right – office baby. Isa & I staged the weird little bugger at Doug’s desk, hanging out with headphones in and bones out. ‘Cause she’s bad to the bones (ba-dump).


Following our first round of fun in the morning, we got an official tour of the IRC (finally) and it was neat to see what all, or maybe just some, of the other offices do. Most important take-away, however, was about the food. Apparently at 10 & 2, after the breakfast/lunch rushes, leftover food goes half-price & you gotta jump. I felt so damn excited learning that, I can’t wait to see what’s on the line tomorrow 🙂


Dinner was somen noodles which were hella good, swimming in sweet soy-ginger sauce and mixed with eggs strips and chicken katsu. I may have been missing some sauce ingredients but it was still yummy, so I’m looking forward to trying it again when it’s actually made right. We watched Prince again tonight (actually called Hakuba no Oujisama Junai Tekireiki but we shortened it) and it’s unanimous, episode 6 is the best so far. We were snacking on oreos while watching and one of mine had a cookie that was stuck together backwards – I’m going to take that as good luck.

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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Hi Elizabeth hope you don’t have to walk up to the 15 floor hope that baby is not a devil baby!! Looking forward to your blog everyday have fun on the weekend love grandma & poppy


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