Going Pro at Manoa

Out of the office for the day, huzzah! Isa & I got to hit up UH Manoa for some project meetings, and I’m finally getting a pretty cohesive view of what I’ll be working on this summer. It all seems like pretty cool stuff! First meeting was with UH Sea Grant, a cool group that really works on partnering research, education and outreach within their own association and with the community. They’re the group responsible for the King Tides initiative I get to work on, and it was cool to meet with the project leaders after lunch.

Besides those guys we met with this cool pedologist who wants us to compile a bunch of scattered data about the He’eia taro property. It’ll be fun since Isa will get to work with the data in GIS style while I get to talk to the researchers about their projects, research goals and what they’d like to further look into. It’s really more of the policy aspect I was excited to explore in the internship, so this is gonna be superb!

Random diversion but relevant to the pictures (that will soon be up, I’m going to try borrowing Isa’s connector cord) I’d like to share – lunch! We grabbed some grub on-campus from the Hawaiian BBQ place and we had so much leftover chicken katsu thanks to Isa, it’s awesome having pre-done chicken available. Although I have to say, the mix of Annie’s mac & cheese plus chicken katsu for dinner certainly felt weird as heck :p Anyways, here are some pictures of our lunch mess and campus!


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