Office Baby

There’s a babe in the office and it sure ain’t me! Well, I might just be modest 😉 We came in this morning to a freaking baby doll propped up behind Isa’s monitor, what a sight indeed. When we asked Doug what it was doing there the first thing he said was “she”, correcting its gender before answering any questions. SO STRANGE. Isa’s superstitious and didn’t want it there, so she tried to put it in my cubicle – no thank you! We left her sun bathing on the cabinet between us before Doug saved her from our ‘abuse’ and put her in a safe place, seated at his cubicle.

This thing – excuse me, girl – was a gift from last year’s interns. Doug & Ross apparently want to raise a child in the office so it can grow up to be ‘the perfect bureaucrat’, but the interns decided they needed a trial run first and so office baby was gifted. They’ve kept it intact for almost a year so far, although its head was apparently separated within the first 3 weeks. It’s okay though, they zip tied it back on before we got here. Such a relief. No one will tell us much about this thing except for the fact that things start to get creepy; stay tuned for updates on her.

Habitat Blueprint, an initiative that seeks to protect ocean habitats and life, had a meeting today and Isa & I got to gooo, because we’re faaancy! It was cool to feel like an actual professional, even if it was a super chill meeting with a lot of fun banter. Adulting real hard right now folks. After lunch I got to learn more about my project here, which is all about Citizen Science and the citizens of Hawaii helping to map these wild events called king tides. If you’re interested please do click on the link, it is really crazy and you should keep yourself aware!

We ended the day with our second dinner using Gohan, some delish tilapia and I used this sweet (literally, pretty sweet) Thai chili sauce, Mae Ploy, which everyone should try at some point in their life. I don’t know how, just make it happen. We’re watching 10 Cloverfield Lane right now, via Ross’ suggestion (and Susan’s, a while ago!), and so far its pretty interesting. Another good end to another great night in Hawaii.


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