Fun(?) in the Sun

Today I fell in love. Bellows Beach is my one and only and I can even say she left her mark on me, a nice bright red one. Check out this sunburn :p


Besides being the temperature of hell (my skin is on -fire- right now & I could probably be used as a makeshift oven), I really did absolutely adore the beach we were at today. Isa & I went with Doug, Runj and another intern Melanie to the east shore (?) for what ended up being the coolest beach ever, despite my having only 2 others to compare it to. The waves were superb, always there and mad fun to dive into or ride freestyle.

I even had a mask which was prime, because while water in the eyes puts most out of commission for a bit, I absolutely *cannot* block out water from my nose. So voila, here came the perfect solution that’s only existed since, oh, I don’t know, decades before I was born? Great life choices not using one up to this point, I know. But having one was honestly a whole new world (cue the Aladdin song) and I felt like a reborn 2-year old or something. What didn’t feel refreshing was my bathing suit, or lack of, as I unintentionally tried to flash the whole beach at least 5 times. Holy crap, I’m pretty my top lost itself right in front of Doug, so my sincerest sorry to you sir.

The beach ended with my first attempts at boogey-boarding, which were’t half bad if I don’t say so myself. And I do say so, so I guess you’ll just have to believe me. After we left we made a quick stop at the Blowhole, a cool little rocky area where the water spouts up like a, you guessed it, blowhole and looks really neat.


Later on we moved into our apartment, FINALLY – PRAISE. We made a not-so-quick trip to the grocery store with Doug and Ranj, where we struggled with Safeway’s ridiculous bagging crap but still made it out, then loaded into the car with our 5 billion bags all chilling in the backseat with us because guess what was in the trunk? Our ridiculously huge & heavy luggage. Win-win today folks. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, but for now know that it’s a spiffy place with a poo-load of furnishings (minus the wifi struggle that made this post late)!

Just after move-in we went out to see this indie film Lobster, which was . . . an experience. Wait for google folks, if you ever feel the need to absolutely waste 2 hours of your life, never to be returned to you as you sit there wondering ‘are you there god? it’s me, insert name here. i just wanted to know when you were planning on ending my misery’. I may be being a bit harsh, but I have no other words for it at the moment. All in all, the day was wonderfully exhausting and Doug is no longer allowed to pick movies.

Side note: this post is a day late because our wifi wasn’t working upon move-in. All fixed now!!

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