Don, Don, Don Don Quixote

What a looong day. T’was our first time bussing to work, and we did it! By waking up at 5:30 and riding the bus for over an hour, wheeee. We did miss the first NOAA shuttle, which added about 20 minutes to our commute but oh well. Learning here seems to mean a lot of time waddling around with uncertainty.

We were offered a ride home from work, which was nice since it meant a car drop-off to Don Quixote, the cheapest supermarket here and one of the most magical wonderlands of jumbled things I’ve yet seen. It reminded me of an Xpect store, only way larger and with a buh-huh-hunch of Japanese stuff (sugoi af man). I honestly got lost in the joys of the Japanese cookware section, and there were so many snacks, especially matcha snacks which I have been craving like a rabid raccoon (hot image, I know right?) . I’ll have to take pictures next time, but good lawdy it is glorious.

After our second big grocery excursion of our apartment-renting lives, we got to come home and make dinner like real adults. Everything we used needed a good cleaning first – shoutout to whatever slob frog lived here before us – but it was tasty aaand we got to use the cute-a-toot new rice cooker we bought!!! I’m so excited about him, his name is Gohan as chosen by Isa, and he can make up to 3 cups in a round and he’s so cute and tiny! Here’s what he looks like:

(pic of Gohan)

Still figuring out the camera crap, real sorry folks. Trust me, it’s more irritating for me than it is for you.

P.S. the title of this post goes along to the theme of “George of the Jungle”


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  1. Patricia nagy says:

    Elizabeth love reading yout blog every morning keep them comming don’t flash to many people love grandma & poppy


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