Taro & Triumph

Early mornings are the best mornings, I say as I wake up by 7 am on a Saturday. This whole Hawaiian time thing is just shifted so everything from waking to sleeping is early early early and so strange for my internal clock. Anyways, even if they aren’t the best they’re definitely cool, if only because the sun has yet to wreak havoc, which is exactly what happened today in He’eia. We headed northeast (almost halfway up the island) to help on a taro farm for Community Day, which happens the second Saturday of every month. The farmers/workers there are trying to cultivate the land and re-introduce native taro, whose historical growing was disrupted by the introduction of cattle and other Western things a few (ok a great many) years ago. It was a beautiful piece of land:

Today’s task was plopping down in a crazy-muddy taro plot with shovels to wack out and remove all the weeds and roots growing there. I had to sit out on account of my spazzing foot, which would’ve sucked in the mud (ahaha, gotten sucked, cause it’s mud – get it?) but I did get some nice pictures of Isa, Doug the bossman and his girlfriend Runj hard at work.

After my tanning session and their utter exhaustion we went to meet our future landlord and it’s official – Isa & I have a place! We aren’t moving in until tomorrow because of electrical thingamajigs, but we are no longer squatters on Doug’s air mattress – HALLELUJAH! We’re even going grocery shopping tomorrow, we’re going to be real adults now with our own place, depleting our funds and walking into a grocery store; it’s been so long you cannot fathom how excited I am for this.

After a bangin’ skype session with Danielle (missin’ you boo), confirming my flight out to Japan and generally being exhausted Isa & I wrapped the night with Indian food, a movie and mochi. We watched Wolf Children by Studio Chizu, which is a fabulous animated work that y’all should check out & that Isa was just seeing for the first time. Beautiful movie, stunning soundtrack and a great way to celebrate the end of our long struggle.


Side note: for reference, the header picture features boss-man Doug (black shirt), his rad girlfriend Runj (also black shirt – what a cute match) & fellow intern/roomie Isa (tie-dye shirt) from left to right!


JWC: 0, but we did see a woman in very elaborate traditional garments strolling down the street?

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