All That Commotion By The Ocean

A telework day is the official way of saying ‘peace out, my home is my office today folks’ as I learned firsthand on this fine Friday. After finishing up our office tasks Isa and I resumed our favorite past-time, you guessed it . . . house hunting. We think we’re set (knock on wood) so hopefully we can move in by the end of the week?! To celebrate we got Indian food and it was a sweeeet meal! A happy day indeed.

Before we got to dinner though Isa & I headed out to the beach for some fun in the sun. Holy crap, we got there and this woman 3x my age had the same swimsuit top as me – the one I found misplaced in Target hanging solo on some random rack – as well as the same color, randomly paired bottoms. It felt like prom gone wrong with wrinkles on the beach, ya know the whole “that b****h stole my dress!” deal except entertaining and we’re spanning an age gap about 4 decades wide. As Isa said, you don’t have to worry about that with a one-piece. I tried to get a good creeper pic but she sat down before I could get her, so here’s a weird sitting side-shot.

I took a chill pill and just lay there tanning (you heard right folks – tanning not burning!) while Isa went snorkeling, which was apparently a good gig. She saw some fish, so I’ll have to go check it out myself soon.  Then we swapped and I headed out a half mile, marked by the flag below, before heading back in.


Dang was it rough getting back though. I was torn between appreciating the beauty of the ocean and begging her to let me get back fine and in reasonable time. The waves were just building up when I was heading in and it was a definite doozy, I even managed to walk on some coral reefs to head back in safe and sound, sorry bout that buddies! You can see the water building up along the coast here, even though this was farther from where I was.



Here’s where I was, with all the hustle and bustle behind me.


What was particularly spectacular was the Japanese wedding I tiredly swam up to. I got their whole photoshoot and everything, this is honestly probably the highlight of the trip so far. We have some cute ones, serious shots and some that they definitely saw me taking #sorrynotsorry. Enjoy my photo gallery of their photo shoot, these are definitely embodying of what apparently happens in Honolulu at least 5x per day, so wild.

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