Loving Life, Lychee & Science Labs

Another intern brought in lychee fruit today & made my morning absolutely spectacular. I love the crap out of those buggers & only managed to get them from the asian market once, so I was uber excited when Jason came around with a bag of these wonders, straight from the tree in his yard. Ah, the small things.


Today was the first real-ish day of work, so I completed a security form, did a Myers Briggs test (for the 50th time) for a session tomorrow, finished reviewing this grant spreadsheet and learned about Isa’s GIS project that I may be jumping in on. Alas, the most important initiation right? Playing bananagrams at lunch with my co-workers. This office is ruthless in these games, and I can’t wait for more lunchtime rounds. I’m not explaining the rules, but when you’re kind-of a cool cat you get to say ‘peel’ because all of your tiles are in play and in game 2, I may have said peel up to four times – in a row. It’s pretty crazy, I know, just wait til I get the hang of this madness! I told Isa we’re buying bananagrams for the apartment to practice because I need to win 1 game this summer and then I’ll be satisfied.

Speaking of apartments, we’re looking at 4 places tomorrow and feeling dang good about it, so we’ll see what happens! Regardless, we’ll get to chill a bit in Waikiki and get bubble tea from Tea Boss, which is going to be the real win of the day 😉

After work we were given a lovely tour of the other side of our building, the science side. NOAA has oodles of cool stuff, from insanely nifty labs to frozen sharks over 2 feet long to super efficiently stored walls of jar specimens. SO MANY cool things in the specimen room, just wait til you see the pictures (they’ll be up soon, promise I’ll figure out the camera)!

Post-specimen tour we got to hop on the Oscar Elton Sette, a research boat used for 30-60 day field work trips. We waltzed around the living quarters, snuck a peak at the kitchen and relaxing places and made our way to some control rooms. T’was very cool indeed, and we even get another orientation (for the interns as a whole, not just because of Isa’s connections) of the whole building, so who knows what else we’ll get to see.



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