Girl On The Run

Today was day one at the office! I’m officially an intern at the NOAA Daniel K Inouye Center with my own cubicle and everything. I also get a spiffy name plate and my own phone (the screen even says my name)! Today was a bunch of setup for emails, security stuff, yada yada, as well as apartment hunting. It felt more like a half day?  But everyone in the office was super rad, and we didn’t even meet everyone yet so it’s looking good.


On another note Isa & I will be looking at a grand total of *5* places to live in the next few days and will hopefully be moved into one of them by Friday. After this crazy hunt we took a stroll around our building to check it out, so here’s a back view of the center:


After work we went for a run in Kapiolani Park, aka Isa was a boss jogger and I haltingly walk-jogged around the park. I’m on a try-new-things roll here: salad, pineapple, jogging, it’s crazy. But post-jog we watched the sunset from the beach so it was super worth it.

A/N: sorry for the lack of pics, the camera refuses to connect to the computer at the mo


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