A Monumental Day

Diamond Head Monument is a pretty cool hike, so that’s how we decided to start off the day. Isa and I headed up the path surrounded by joggers, the elderly and Japanese tourists – an eclectic mix that I think may just be the norm. We saw some amazing views; you get to see the whole of Waikiki from up there and the fact that you’re inside of a crater, which is wild to think about! Here are some pics below:

The rest of the day was a fun dip into the waters of Waikiki, spent looking for housing and exploring the area. Isa and I had a fun time figuring out the bus routes and finding somewhere to eat, which lead us to the Cheesecake Factory – yum! Less fortunate was our housing search, which ended in sadness again. Alas, we are becoming master house hunters (apartment hunters, if you want accuracy) so we’ll see what comes up! In the meantime, one highlight from our wanderings was this rad bubble tea place called Tea Boss, it has such a cute ‘lil mascot I had to put him in the post 🙂

Tea Boss mascot – I love his top hat!!

We ended the night with 90’s Japanese travel shows and this *absolutely* horrid, senseless, I will continue watching it for the rest of my stay show called ‘My Prince’. It’s a Japanese drama with this skank-a-dank, lonely, never-smiles woman who needs a lesson in self-control but has the beer-chugging skills of a champ. It’s a doozy, and it will be my show of choice whilst here. In other news, work starts tomorrow. I’m excited!


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