Turtles, Rainbows & Japanese Weddings

Aloha Oahu! Today I made my trip over to Honolulu, starting out with my last Maui meal at Slappy Cakes. I grouped up with my aunt for the make-your-own option, with a pick your own batter/fillings/toppings deal. They had seasonal lilikoi batter, to which I added white chocolate chips, papaya and lavender honey. They were awesome as heck so I hope they have one on Oahu. Here’s some pancake artistry, courtesy of myself:

(pancake star)

Then I got to make the nice quick trip to Oahu, where my mentor Doug and coworker Isa picked me up. We ordered take-out from this good place whose name I will hopefully figure out, drove around Waikiki while they made it, then picked it up and had it at Doug’s. Whilst in downtown Waikiki I saw my first Japanese wedding, a photo-shoot going down in the middle of the street. In Doug’s words, “That didn’t take long”. Apparently this is quite the common thing, so now I’ll just be on the lookout for them (I’ve added and will maintain a Japanese wedding count to the bottom of my post).

(pic of wedding)

Post-grub we headed to the beach for a few hours, and I learned that . . .

  1. This is the clearest water I’ve ever seen.
  2. I need to try paddle boarding ’cause man does it look dope.
  3. I’m about to work in the best place with the best people ever.
  4. You know you’re in Hawaii when you see turtles, rainbows and Japanese weddings all the time.


Japanese Wedding Count (JWC): 2

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