A Sunrise Stroll

2 a.m. start today – we were some go-getters. Woot woot! Haleakala National Park is apparently known for it’s scenic mountaintop sunrises, so away we went. We were there from ~4 to 6, and it was a long cold wait but super worth it. Here are a few preview shots to the big event:

After a lovely breakfast and a snoozle, we went snorkeling at Ka’anapali Beach. There were two huge turtles bro-ing around, a bit of fighting, some solo swimming; it was fun to watch. Ended the day with dinner at the beach, where we saw some guy light a bunch of torches then go cliff diving, as was apparently a traditional thing (I couldn’t really hear what was up, woops) so here’s a picture of that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today was a fiiine finale to my time in Maui, so thanks to my family for the pre-internship vacation. Starting out solo(-ish) in Oahu tomorrow, so we’ll see how that pans out. ‘Til tomorrow!

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